Also, long delays might occur if you immediately restart a host after failover driver installation, because this process has not yet completed. Incorrect open type for virtual bus node. This is a restriction of the operating system itself. Setting OS Default Value. Enabling and Disabling Multipathing in the Windows Operating System This section describes how to enable or disable multipathing for your J array with the Windows operating system. If new volumes have been mapped to the host, the exclamation point might appear on the icon for a few seconds. The interval, in minutes, during which the failover driver will check for these conditions:

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When I boot my system, I get a “Registry Corrupted” message. So for example to map 3 volumes to both SAS controllers on all 4 MSA ports it’s a dual controller model fully wired with read-write access I would sun mpio dsm this.

The total number of mplo to the storage ,pio is the MaxPathsPerController value multiplied by the number of controllers. If the disabled device sun mpio dsm an adapter, any disk devices that were connected to that adapter are removed from Device Manager.

Volume number exceeds the maximum configured volume number. Refer to the Microsoft Knowledge Base article at http: Before it can be enabled, the CongestionResponseTime parameter, the CongestionTimeFrame parameter, and the CongestionSamplingInterval parameter must be set to valid values.


These drivers can be generic in nature or can be customized for the specific storage solution. The allowed values range from 0x1 to 0x approximately 18 hours. The following values are possible:.

Error trying to create virtual target. Before the Windows OS actually starts, you plug in a cable to a storage array with 32 volumes. Refer to the CAM online help sun mpio dsm more details about changing ownership. A busscan scan causes the DSM driver to go through its unconfigured devices list to see if any of them have become configured. For Windows, the configuration settings can be found in the Registry under:. Sun mpio dsm failed on virtual bus node. Troubleshoots a feature or changes a configuration setting.

Sun[tm] Storage 6780 : How To

Make sure that you have looked through the rest of this document for the problem. This is a restriction of the operating system itself. The parameter for this option can be viewed as an offset into the DSM driver ssm structures, with each offset representing a different storage sun mpio dsm.

If the sun mpio dsm has not detected the volumes, an HBA problem or a controller problem has occurred. If they are not logging correctly, the problem is probably HBA related. If the sub does not see the volumes, an HBA problem or a controller problem has occurred.


Error trying to determine AVT state of sun mpio dsm.

If you change the Mpioo Time settings from their configured values, you might lose access to the storage sun mpio dsm. The failover driver has five error levels for messages that are logged to the Windows System Event log:.

Feb 17, Posts: Error trying to insert a new volume path. The allowed values are 0x0 or 0x1. The first segment refers to a specific area of functionality, and the second segment refers to the level of reporting within that area.

Caution – Sun mpio dsm loss of data access. Mipo plug-and-play PnP process is asynchronous, and, because it is event driven, no concept of completion exists.

Device-specific module overview

This process is known as a “Wait Time. A disabled device cannot be used or communicated with until it is re-enabled.

Setting a path offline with the dsmUtil utility will succeed sun mpio dsm of the setting of this value.