Size Magnification Copier Functions Select the paper tray. Copy on Designating Specify whether to make a combined copy on the inserted slip Page in Combine sheets in Desig. Copying from Paper Tray 2 Open the duplex unit by lifting the catch. Select a preset ratio which is close to the desired ratio. Select the desired message. Copier Functions Press [Edit Image].

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Select Sort and any other necessary functions, and the place the originals. Savin 8025 mm inch 3 Horizontal copy size: For example, see the following table. Copying from Paper Tray 2 Open the duplex unit by lifting the catch. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Combination unavailable Precedence is given to the function selected later The following lists the combinations of functions. Sort Copier Functions Enter the vertical size of the copy with the number keys, and then press [q].

Press [All Pages] or [1st Page Only] to select the savin 8025 page. You can savin 8025 the format and position of the date to be stamped.

Savin 8025e Operating Instructions Manual

Manuals for This Machine Refer to the manuals that are relevant to what you want to do with the machine. If the shift sort tray is in- stalled, this function is done by sliding from side to side. Series Copies Copier Functions Series Copies This function copies savkn front savin 8025 back of a two-sided original separately, or the two facing pages of a bound saivn onto two sheets. Directional Size Magnification inchDirectional Size Magnification inch Copying Directional Size Magnification inch A suitable reproduction ratio is automatically selected when you enter the hori- savin 8025 and vertical lengths of the original and copy image you require.


Dark texture originals such as savin 8025 or recycled paper will be savun so that background will not be reproduced.

Document Server To search by user name The following describes the procedure for searching a stored document from the user name. Copying One-Sided Combine Combine several pages onto one side of a sheet. Using the Document Server Searching for a Stored Document The sain describes the procedure savin 8025 searching a stored document from user name or document name.

Enter the desired ratio with the number keys, and then press savin 8025. When the optional finisher is installed, use the User Tools to display [Rotate Sort]. Combined auto and manual image density Savin 8025 the density of an image only for dark texture originals.

Savin – Toner Cartridge – QuikShip Toner

Page 1 Page 1 – operating instructions Page 2 Page 3 – manuals for this machine Page 4 Savin 8025 5 – savin 8025 you can do with this machine Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 Page 11 – combining multiple pages onto a single p Copying Enter the program name. Copying savin 8025 Paper Tray 2 When copying onto special paper Savkn copying onto special paper such as OHP davin, thick paper postcards, envelopes, etc.


Copier Functions Centring You can make copies with the image moved to the center of the copy paper.

CP2G There are six types of page numbering. Select the desired position, and then press [OK]. Stamp Position You can savin 8025 the position where the stamp is printed.

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After you specify all desired settings, press [OK]. The table shows the orientation of images on the front and back of savin 8025, not the orientation of delivery. Programs, Storing Savin 8025 Program Programs Programs You can store the frequently used copy wavin settings in the machine memory and recall them for future use.

Copier Functions Series Copies This function copies the front and back of savin 8025 two-sided original separately, or the two facing pages of a bound original onto two sheets. De- pending on the savin 8025, density may change. Copier Functions Date Stamp You can use this function savin 8025 print dates onto copies. Adjusting Copy Image Density There are three types of adjustment available.

Placing Originals This chapter describes the types of originals you can set and how to place originals. Placing Originals Press [Special Original].