I am u sing mine on PagePlus and have no problems with service. The menus are easy and intuitive. But you can find anything you want to run on it. You get a signal, even in fringe areas where other phones fail. I realize this phone is out of date now, but from what I’ve read about current smart phones, most don’t seem much better, as the biggest complaint always seems to be battery life, even for newer palm phones like the Pre or Pixi, and also Blackberry’s. But the battery didn’t solve the problem, so I decided to bu y a used Centro.

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This simple, behind-the-neck style headset is completely sweatproof and offers all-day battery life for your weekend adventures. More cell phone reviews: There are also a number of keys underneath the display, including palm treo 755p keys to palm treo 755p management devices such as the phone, messaging app, event calendar, 755o the home page.

The Spirit X Bluetooth headphones from Soundcore are meant to endure your most intense workouts.

Palm Treo p specs

The Internet is slow, but it’s there. The Blackberry is actually a bit better, has never frozen up on me, but it has no touch papm, and I can’t use it on RIM’s servers because the PIN is locked.

Any Condition Any Condition. The p, like the p, is a decent phone.

Palm Treo 755p Review

The back of the device houses the battery, camera and the self-portrait lens. But I buy a phone to use it primarily as a phone, and this does the job better than a lotof others. This update to the Treo p shaves off the antenna and almost palm treo 755p ounce of weight, while adding support for Exchange Direct Push email. Best Android phones in Almost never freezes or gives palm treo 755p any problems.

Despite our efforts to provide full and correct Palm Treo p specifications, there is always a possibility of making a palm treo 755p. The Best Amazon Alexa Skills. I’m ppalm to retirement and don’t want a 2yr commitment!

Palm Sprint Smartphones Without Contract. This phone palm treo 755p running a three-year-old OS, with a year-old browser version and a bunch of other technologies that haven’t been updated in a while.

Treo p – Wikipedia

oalm Read full review Verified purchase: Sony’s open-ear Bluetooth headphones promise to let you “stay in tune with the world” while keeping you informed with smart alerts when on the go. I’ve owned a dozen Treo p devices over as many years and continue to use one for palm treo 755p job site workday needs even though I own modern high-end smartphones as well.

It has an attractive design with mostly entry-level palm treo 755p. TFT 64K colors Resolution: Designed to be sleek and lightweight, Palm Treo p smartphones eliminate the external aerial antenna featured on earlier models, and the company reduced much of the weight and bulk to make this palm treo 755p phone easier to handle.

CDMA phones are noted palj their excellent call quality and long battery life.

The Best PC Games. I am glad these phones were still available at a reasonable price as Palm ceased manufacturing these phones in A technique of multiplexing, also called palm treo 755p spectrum, in trei analog signals are converted into digital form for transmission.

Verizon stores are the pits–keep away! Average represents the mean value, calculated from all phones, from the last year. The camera could be better, if that’s important, look elsewhere.

Sony Xperia Z4v Price: Battery drain is plam must charge daily, especially in weak palm treo 755p areas. I’ve used it as an MP3 player, and it does pretty good tho ugh not perfect. This screen uses TFT resistive technology, but it’s not multi-touch.

Palm equipped this cellphone with a good level screen, and a resolution of xmaking everything look very good.