A Wire Status column is available to show the real-time status of inputs regardless of sample mode or rate. Following a discussion in thread https: Software installed and worked immediately and intuitively. They have been building these since and they are solid. Triggering and interpreting work as expected. This has to be the way it works as a trigger can come at the end of a capture, and also you can capture for up to 10 hours at MHz sample rate, and an absolute 10 hour counter needs 40bits – more then the register can handle.

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You’ll find people already using intronix logicport LogicPort. I think the fact that the input current is limited by K resistor or a 4.

The LogicPort provides 34 channels sampled at MHz. So intronix logicport better intronix logicport some dedicated logic analysers I’ve had the misfortune to use. So they can probably let every pin clip at the same time without pushing the Altera into dangerous territory. I do not know the situation with the software source code but I have often come intronix logicport the situation where the original coder has left the company and development of the software effectively ends.

You’ll find the LogicPort to be feature-rich, yet it is renowned to be very simple to use.

I’m also very glad the LogicPort has sample compression. The software intronix logicport numerous context-sensitive menus providing convenient access to commonly used features. Visit our downloads page to try the free logic analyzer support software for yourself.

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Intronix Logicport 34 Channel Logic Analyzer Teardown – Page 1

Hello, Sorry for raising a somewhat old topic. I have no doubt the Intronix designers know what they are doing, and were capable of circuit and track layout analysis, but we are talking about connecting transmission lines at MHz to different logic technologies that will have different impedances. With the K resistor, they are at about uA steady state, which is about 2 orders of magnitude intrnix the limit of the ESD diode assuming Altera is similar to Xilinx. A stepping-stone solution, I thought, that might just solve the problem – what an underestimate: When you see an input circuit like the intronix logicport Intronix used for the voltage offset, you know that intronix logicport was designed by by some poor engineer who spent a month or two juggling with board layouts, resistor values and resistor configurations until the intronix logicport overall performance was achieved.

So these resistors actually reduce intronix logicport on Logipcort inputs.

Intronix logicport a trace is a transmission line with a intronix logicport inductance about 20nH and intronix logicport capacitance 2. Just did a 30 second capture with 16 channels with intronix logicport least 12 channels regularly changing, and the sampling ceased after captured samples. October 31, A group of digital signals can also be shown as a signed or unsigned analog waveform.

Not even talking about the price-performance ratio, which is clearly above average. Following a discussion in thread https: I had it set up in just a couple of minutes. I must admit I was amazed that I had it up and running with a full set of signals within 10 minutes out of the box.


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A brief sampling of our clientele is listed below. The guy that designed this was in his intronix logicport at the time. Hats off to you.

Intronix LogicPort PC-Based Logic Analyzer with USB Interface

He was working on an Analog version for a long time but obviously never shipped intronix logicport. Could be an interesting project to use an input circuit like Logicport uses but use a recent Cyclone with a lot more memory.

Brilliant user interface – ten minutes to get hooked up to PCB and triggering on the problem packet without clicking Help. The only ESD protection is the intronix logicport built into the Altera inputs, and that is also used for clipping when the input exceeds the Altera input voltage range.

I bought a couple of intronix logicport LA’s for that functionality. Resurrecting an old topic It may be one of those things that Intronix says that intronix logicport are not completely sure why it works, but it does.