The driver is installed and Windows ask for a reboot, BUT don’t reboot yet. I have troubles guessing correct answer on the step Putzo Ars Praetorian Tribus: Read his short description and do as it says. The only type of disks which are readable at that time are BIOS disks. Ah, that’s probably how they’re named then.

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Andrea 1, 3 13 It can be use to setup windows xp for allmost laptop. I used part of these instructions to create a critical device database entry: Thanks to the others who also replied.

drivers – How to enable AHCI in Windows XP without reinstalling – Super User

Zitat von elisw in the driver details, iaStor. Once the OS is up, usually all problems are gone. Fernando My current System: Although I’m not sure, it might improve performance. I’m kinda confused, window last comments say it’s visible and testing ok, so not really sure what the issue is now? My mistake was not selecting the ICH10R option after pointing it to the drivers.

If it doesn’t work, or one isn’t provided, installing a driver manually may be necessary. Any other ideas why it might not work?


So, unlike other types of drivers, disk drivers must be installed not after Windows installation, wibdows along with it. Unzip the suitable package by using WinRAR v5. You may use them at own risk. This is true for any of the other auxiliary SATA controllers as well.

I used part of these instructions to create a critical device database entry:. The registry of your XP installation is changed and saved and iaStor.

This tip is only valid for users, who had prepared an Intel textmode driver, which ich10 to the “Intel R Matrix Storage Manager” series! The next step is to make sure you have a System Restore point available. Temparary disability to use 3D graphics, sound and network during Windows installation is acceptable, but disability to use hard disk even temporary disability makes Windows installation effectively impossible. Originally posted by continuum: Just invisible in BIOS, but works fine in windows?

How To Change Disk Controller Mode From IDE to AHCI Without Reinstalling Windows XP

Vista and 7 come with a generic AHCI driver, with a more hardware-specific driver potentially available from the controller manufacturer. This involves selecting the SATA controller entry ies? Tito Show info Posts:. There are many registry ihc10r that can insert the correct registry entries the driver file is required, and a download is often provided.

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Extract this to get the 2 files iaAHCI. Since there are no Intel AHCI drivers available, which natively do support old Windows Operating Systems and the latest Intel chipsets simultaneously, you have to integrate a modded Intel textmode driver.

Sure, but chances are Intel has a newer version of the Matrix Storage Manager already. Zitat von elisw in the driver page it states it is version 9. That also carries the relevant driver and is a smaller download, but will require tools like WinImage to extract the files. Fernando Show info Posts:. It starts recognising the existent drives in the new AHCI mode, and showing yellow bubbles.

I have an Ivy Bridge Z77 motherboard. Originally posted by Derek Baker: The “Update driver” method didn’t work for me, but I found another way that’s simple too, and guaranteed to work.