Heat and extended use can degrade a CPU. Hello everyone, I have installed the nvidia drivers for the sound and video, when I go into device manager and then “sound video and game controllers”, it says the audio drivers are installed and working properly, now when I plug in the speakers or headphones there is no sound at all, not when I play a cd not when I watch a DVD not even the windows start greeting sound! Click here to become a Hardware Analysis registered user. Even if you have one of the newer line which dropped down to the 69C critical point, your motherboard shouldn’t even be giving you a warning until 55C or 56C. Last time I had one of these it was MB.

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Jan 23, Asus a7n266 vm sound This one seems to have worked for a lot of people. I’ve never had a CPU “just go bad”. It didn’t get hot until I moved it, so I probably just didn’t seat the HS properly or something. Tried an old spare duron and it booted and ran fine.


Originally posted by maharashii: Originally posted by Infidel: Are there any other diagnostics I can do before I chuck this board? May be there asus a7n266 vm sound a known problem with sound on some of these boards and we need to send them back for a replacement?


I’m going to say motherboard then. The original box with the good 1. Last time I had one of these it was MB.

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Asus Sounv making siren noises and crashing. This morning I turned it on and got siren noises as soon as I got to the XP logon screen. Nov 14, Posts: Now, on the original box, replaced the CPU with a 1. It’s running a little warm, but no where near critical temperature of 90c of asus a7n266 vm sound Athlon XP line. Does asus a7n266 vm sound have any idea what I should do or what the possible problem is?

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Sometimes it asus a7n266 vm sound reboots and makes the two-tone alternating “siren” noises during startup and other times it will lock up while in use and begin emitting said noise pollution. The only thing left for me to swap out is the power supply.

Fri Jun 02, 7: Want to enjoy fewer vj and more features? Perhaps a good clean of your heatsink and make sure your airflow is up to snuff though.

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Mon Jun 19, 5: If you can underclock asus a7n266 vm sound CPU and it axus while malfunctioning at full speed, that’s an easy clue that the CPU has been damaged. I think the fact that this board ran stable in another box for years is a major clue.


I’ve seen this on plenty of CPUs from Pentium 1s onward.

Wed Jun 14, 3: Before I spend money on a CPU hey this could be an excuse to upgrade asus a7n266 vm sound motherboard, ram, video, etc I’d like to xound certain that the CPU is the culprit. Everytime I try to restart, it just makes the high-low siren sound. At this point, I assume it is either the motherboard or the power supply, as Prime95 and Memtest passed without asus a7n266 vm sound. Your CPU is going bad.

In Bios I was seeing temps around 40 celsius. I removed and reinstalled the heatsink and now I’m seeing 47 celsius. What a pain and waste of time asus a7n266 vm sound have to disassemble a machine and then reassemble it Originally posted by Prototyped: