JIRA project does not exist or you do not have permission to view it. Having had an ISDN line, with its block of 10, I used my different numbers to help me work out if someone calling was work, family, or something else. Please comment on the specific Jira issue rather than on this page. Pricing was the killer for ISDN in the home, unless you could claim it as a business expense. Visit the Trac open source project at http:

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A sample configuration will be included. Inbound and outbound calls work https: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Comment Using: Obviously signaling and the strength of the DECT Frequency is affected by any physical barriers which we will talk about in our next considerations.

You will also want to physically place the DECT base station in the middle of your coverage area or center of your building. August 26, at 9: The repository is available at git: For anyone wishing to comment about this page itself, feel free to leave your comments here. Bugs that can’t be fixed quickly will asteriskk added to the ticket system.

Recent Drivers  SHARP MX-7001N TREIBER

Asterjsk discussion about the new SIP channel driver, please direct your discussion to the Asterisk developers mailing list. In larger deployments such as college campuses, the need for outdoor Access Points or repeaters is eminent.

Please test and report. I didn’t want to spend lots of time fiddling. I’ve uploaded my presentation slides from! OsmoDevCon to the Astfrisk. If you are using a service provider, you will want to check with them first to ensure your DECT solution will work with their network and call control platform.

Please comment on the specific Jira issue rather than on this page. In every case, they’ve found that the magnitute of their efforts was much greater than astwrisk expected.

Skip to main content Philippe Put. The following will be present.

Roam Free with DECT Phones – VoIP Supply

I wanted to move my phone system away from old technology to VoIP. Learn how your comment data is processed.

This will include DECT bases, repeaters, handsets, and other requirements needed. Upload Firmware to a Polycom Unit.

How to Design a DECT System

If you wish to have more in-depth discussions about a task you wish to take on, then please direct the discussion to the Asterisk developers mailing list. Commonly used options are: When it comes to planning out a DECT solution, there are many factors to consider especially if you are planning an enterprise-like deployment.


That means, for example, having business calls go to voicemail automatically outside office hours, so I’m not tempted to answer the work number when I should be relaxing. DECT frequency can get through walls including concrete walls, but obviously the signal strength is degraded.

Listing image by Philippe Put. But I’d far rather be playing with a fun gadget than struggling to make my phones work.

Asterisk requires the shared objects built by this version of pjproject and will not build against another version of pjproject. Download in other formats: Even if you’re not a regular home worker, many people still like to have a phone that’s separate to their mobile.

OsmoDevCon slides I’ve uploaded my presentation slides from! SIP stack research can be found here.